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Aging and Non Linear Time

The Bible says that Adam lived 400 years, Methuselah much longer. The Atlanteans were supposed to live 400 years as well, and the Lemurians before them 900 or more years. There are rumors of sages or rishis in India that never seem to age. Today thousands of people live to be 100 and more years and a significant percentage of those born recently are expected to reach that age. Life expectancy is certainly increasing across the world. In the US it has gone up from around 70 to 79 in the last 50 years. Some people say that you are simply as old as you think you are.

To continue reading this article by L. R. Sumpter, author of upcoming book We Are the Creators, in the January issue of Oracle 20/20, please follow the link below. 

"Aging and Non Linear Time"