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Embarking on a Metaphysical Journey No Matter Your Path


Any Starting Point Can Lead to Transformation

Whether you're already considering your spiritual journey or you’re still a little skeptical, it is never too late to begin investigating metaphysical concepts for your own personal transformation.

The Nature of Being

Metaphysics poses questions of existence vs. essence – the fact that something exists vs. what it actually is. These questions date back to before the time of Aristotle and are still contemplated today.

Metaphysical Cosmology

What is the Universe? How did it come into being, and how to we exist within it on a physical plane? These questions are fundamental to understanding our existence, and understanding how we transition to a plane beyond physical existence.

Ozark Mountain Publishing offers a wide variety of books, CDs, and DVDs to support the soul and explore these questions. The journey is long and complex, but there is guidance to be found.