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Ozark Mountain Publishing: Your Metaphysical Source

Founded by internationally renowned author, past life regressionist, metaphysical investigator and reporter Dolores Cannon in 1992, Ozark Mountain Publishing continues her mission to discover promising new authors and bring their thought-provoking non-fiction work to the public to assist in their spiritual growth.

Always Dreaming book cover



Recent metaphysical offerings from Ozark Mountain Publishing include the new release Always Dreaming by David Rivinus, which teaches us to take advantage of the symbolic information that can be discovered in the events of our waking lives, in addition to the symbols of sleeping dreams, to make a profound shift in our thinking and behavior. 


Guide Group Fidays book cover



Another new OMP metaphysical book is Sherri Cortland and Debbie Ihburg-Smith’s Guide Group Fridays, a collection of channeled messages from Sherri’s Sprit Guides shared on her Facebook page every Friday and curated by Debbie to reveal just who we really are at a soul level and how to use the innate power we all possess to spot our windows of opportunity for growth, raise our vibrations and move ourselves forward spiritually.  



The Master of Everything book cover



Garnet Schulhauser follows up his best-seller Dancing on a Stamp with his new metaphysical book Dancing Forever with Sprit, which continues the saga of his spiritual awakening that began when he was confronted on the street by a homeless man named Albert who turned out to be a wise spirit in disguise.





The Master of Everything book cover


James Nussbaumer's inspirational memoir The Master of Everything takes us on his journey after suddenly becoming incarcerated at age 50. James is stunned when the locker he is assigned contains a book no one will claim – a book he has been searching for to no avail: A Course in Miracles. His time in prison was hell, but also unexpectedly fruitful, resulting in this metaphysical book he actually wrote by hand. 


The Zodiac Recipe book cover



Rounding out our recent metaphysical additions to OMP’s catalogue is Dr. Jacquelyn Wiersma’s The Zodiac Recipe, a unique study of astrological mixes that influence compatibility in human relationships, celebrities, politicians and even pets, in a fun and easy to understand 
guide that comes in handy no matter what your sign is. 


Ozark Mountain Publishing features all these diverse and insightful metaphysical books and many more.