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Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference


This is the 12th Annual Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference to be held in Eureka Springs, AR at the Best Western Inn of the Ozarks Convention Center. 

To order The Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference 

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 Guy Needler's - "Wolrd Satsanga"

Dear Souls,

Please note that the next World Satsanga will be Pre-recorded and transmitted as part of a joint venture with Kevin Moore of The Moore Show on Saturday 26th August 2017. You will still receive the links to the recordings as normal.

The format will remain the same as the previously live Satsangas and will consist of:

  • 20 mins Talk by Guy on: - What are the Mechanics of Incarnation - Why do we incarnate and what’s the point? 
  • 25 mins Participants questions: - Please feel free to send in Questions by August 19, 2017 so that I can incorporate both the questions and the answers into the recording.
  • 15 mins End of meet meditation – A Meditation to connect to the formlessness of the Multiverse

I thank you again for your participation

Blessings and Best Regards


**** Please note that due to the high number of emails that I now receive that I may be several days in responding, and, I may need to be selective. I thank you for your understanding. ****

Guy Steven Needler is the Author of:

The History of God
Beyond the Source – Book 1
Beyond the Source – Book 2
Avoiding Karma
The Origin Speaks
The Anne Dialogues

The Curators (Work in Progress – started 11th Jan 2016)

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Dear All,

Please find below the link to the transcript of the World Satsanga held on Saturday 29th April 2017 In Association with The Moore Show.
World Satsanga 29 04 2017


Please find below a link to the recording of the World Satsanga held on 29th April 2017 which is now broadcast in association with Kevin Moore of The Moore Show (

The World Satsanga will be broadcast by Kevin on his YouTube channel together with suitable graphics.

Below is the normal link.

As this link is an *.M4A file it is best accessed via Google chrome as a web browser. It will download first (It is quite big and so may take a little while - please be patient).

M4A File

And here is a lower quality and smaller file version

MP3 File




Dear Souls,

Please find below a link to the lecture I gave at the UK Probe conference held in Lytham St. Annes - UK in March 2017. It is called What are Aliens and Where do they Come From?

The information to create this lecture, which I created especially for Probe, has been extracted from the contents of my books., Raw URL is here:,



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Baby It's You Messages From Deceased Heroes 
Join Author, Maureen McGill on American Warrior Radio, Sunday , October 9, 2016 with host Ben Buehler .. 12pm PST

Ben Buehler-Garcia, Host
American Warrior-Daily Male Radio

Podcast will be posted for on-demand listening OR they can also find podcasts on I-Tunes, or through the Roku Streaming player at the "NoWhere Cast"

Maureen McGill was on Portland, Oregon  TV morning show 11/2/2016. Last minute opportunity

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Maureen McGill was recently on this show, The ORACLE SPEAKS, Doug Cottrell medium  March 3 show. ( they had technical problems)

Hereis the link to the show,

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Ryan Gable, host of The Secret Teachings radio program. I conducted my fourth radio interview with M. Don Schorn.