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Gandhi, Sunanda

Gandhi, Sunanda

Born in 1932 in India's Gujarat province, Sunanda Gandhi is the wife of Arun Gandhi and cofounder of the "M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence". As a young nurse, Sunanda cared for Arun after surgery in India; a romance bloomed and their shared domestic life and work in nonviolence began.(Her family was advocates of British rule and opposed to Gandhi, so the couple had many obstacles to overcome.) For over twenty-five years, she has engaged in extensive, productive and compassionate work with orphaned children, prisoners and victims of domestic violence as a marriage counselor for Bapnu Ghar, an organization for destitute and abused women.

An author and researcher, Sunanda Gandhi is currently Senior Researcher at the Institute, laying the groundwork for forthcoming publications. Sunanda and Arun have two children and four grandchildren.

Arun Gandhi and Sunanda Gandhi began exhaustive and painstaking research into the life of his grandmother, Kastur, in 1960. He traveled and interviewed people all over the world, who supplied bits of information about her life. When his mother died in 1988 in South Africa, he came into the possession of boxes of letters and documents that shed more light on little known facts. They were able to locate details about the Gandhis' that had never been reported in any other biography.

Sunanda Gandhi made her transition February, 2007.

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