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The Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference and The Ozark Mountain UFO Conference Together for the First Time April 5-10, 2016 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The 11th Annual Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference, a unique metaphysical and spiritual gathering with a psychic fair open to the public from April 5-7, 2016, will precede The 29th Annual Ozark Mountain UFO Conference, one of the oldest UFO conferences in the U.S., April 8-10, 2016 at the Inn of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs, a magical resort town in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas known for its beauty and paranormal activity.

Both conferences will feature Keynote Speaker Erich von Däniken, bestselling author of the Chariots of the Gods books and a pioneer of Ancient Astronaut Theory that states the gods of ancient times were Extraterrestrials who created mankind and shaped civilizations for millennia. Erich von Däniken will present part 1 of his “Unsolved Mysteries of the Past” lecture on April 6 at the Transformation Conference, and conclude with part 2 at the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference on April 9. Special discounted packages to register for both conferences are available and both conferences will feature their own Keynote Speakers in addition to Erich von Däniken.

TC 2016Founded by author, hypnotist and past life regressionist Dolores Cannon, The Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference is a venue for Ozark Mountain Publishing authors to share their books and insights into all sorts of metaphysical topics, from healing to channeling, psychic abilities, dreams, spirituality, and much more. Many of the speakers will also offer workshops, personal readings and sessions that can be booked in advance by calling (800) 935-0045.

Day 1 of The Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference on April 5 will feature second Keynote Speaker Susun Weed, author, master herbalist, nutritionist and expert in alternative healing, who will lecture on “The Spirit of the Wise Woman Tradition.” Susun's stories, songs, and mind-altering facts will change your health, and your life!

Lee Sumpter will kick off Day 1 by presenting “Just Look What We Can Do,” based on his recently released book We Are the Creators: A Little Everyday Philosophy, a positive message about your soul’s power, your life’s purpose, déjà vu and your spiritual guides.

The next speaker on April 5 will be Garnet Schulhauser, who returns this year to present “Divine Inspiration from the Spirit Realm,” based on his latest book Dance of Heavenly Bliss, which continues the saga of his astral trips with his Spirit Guide Albert who encourages us to love and respect one another, Mother Earth, and all the creatures who share our planet.

Also on April 5, Justine Alessi, co-author of Rebirth of the Oracle: The Tarot for the Modern World, Master Tarot Reader and Teacher of the Tarot with over a decade of practical experience, will present “The Origin of the Tarot” featuring exciting live participation from the audience.

Day 2 of the Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference on April 6 begins with Maureen McGill presenting “Baby It’s You,” based on her inspirational book Baby It’s You: Messages From Deceased Heroes, a collection of true, heartfelt and mystical experiences recalled by family members whose loved ones died in service to their country or in tragedies such as 9/11.

Patrick Andries also presents “Owners Manual for the Mind” on April 6, his transformative and
whimsical look at the potential we have to master the essential skills of our minds.

Annie Stillwater Gray will then discuss “Embrace Your Spirit Helpers,” based on The Dawn Book, which features information prepared by the Master Guides for humans to fulfill ourselves.

Part 1 of Keynote Speaker Erich von Däniken’s presentation “Unsolved Mysteries of the Past,” in which he will explore mysteries from ancient civilizations of the past, will conclude Day 2.

Day 3 on April 7 begins with 3 MAGIC WORDS filmmaker Michael Perlin’s presentation “The Common Theme of Spiritual Masters,” based on his book Fantastic Adventures in Metaphysics, which explains our Divine connection and oneness with all things.

James Nussbaumer will then take the stage on April 7 to present “Where is Our True Home,” a talk about the depths of our real knowledge, based on his books The Master of Everything and Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom.

Blair Styra, author of Don’t Change the Channel, who channels the enlightened entity Tabaash, will present “The Merging of Lifelines and the Consequences of This,” about making vital decisions not only for your own personal future but the future of Earth itself, on April 7.

To close out the 2016 Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference, the annual Speakers Dinner will provide a special opportunity to dine and mingle with speakers from both conferences at the Inn of the Ozarks before the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference begins the next day on April 8.

Since 1988, when the late Ufologist Lucius O. Farish founded the Ozark UFO Conference, it has been a gathering place for some of the top experts and investigators in the field of UFOs, Extraterrestrials, ancient and lost civilizations, crop circles and otherworldly phenomenon. In 2013, after Lucius O. Farish passed away, venerated metaphysical author and researcher Dolores Cannon became director of the conference and renamed it the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference.

UFO Conference 2016The 2016 Ozark Mountain UFO Conference begins on April 8 and will feature second UFO Keynote Speaker Linda Moulton-Howe, longtime attendee at the conference and one of the world’s foremost UFO investigators, who will present “Symbols and Binary Code in High Strangeness Phenomena,” in which Linda will compare symbols and binary code translations in cases from the 1800s to present day that involve symbols on unidentified aerial craft.

David Marler, former Field Investigator, State Section Director, as well as Illinois State Director of MUFON, also speaks on Day 1 by presenting “The Flying Saucer Invasion of 1950 – Farmington, NM and Beyond,” one of the most dramatic and well-documented cases in the history of the UFO phenomenon that took place over a full three day period in New Mexico.

Day 1 will also feature Chase Kloetzke, leader of the New Special Assignment Team as Deputy Director of Investigations for MUFON, who will present “Admissible: is the Burden of Proof Enough?” which will explore our best game plan to search for Extraterrestrial evidence.

Nick Pope, former head of the UK Ministry of Defence’s UFO project, returns to the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference on April 8 to present “Now You See It and Now You Don’t” about two hikers’ spectacular close encounter with a huge diamond-shaped UFO in Scotland in 1990.

Day 2 on April 9 begins with Sherry Wilde, author of The Forgotten Promise, presenting “A World in Transition,” based on her life-long experiences as an Extraterrestrial contactee, about the truth that we know all too well—that we are not alone and that we have never been alone.

Whitley Strieber, bestselling author of the Communion series, will also present “A New World If We Can Take It” on April 9. His latest book Super Natural: a New Vision of the Unexplained, written with Professor Jeffrey Kripal, redefines the meaning of the close encounter and UFO phenomena. Strieber will publish Alien Hunter 3: the White House in April of 2016.

On Day 2 of the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference, Jim Marrs, a Texas journalist and author of four New York Times bestselling books, will present “Remote Viewing Aliens,” based on military-trained viewers’ experiences using this mental technology to study alien life forms.

Veteran UFO investigator Richard Dolan returns to Eureka Springs on April 9 to lecture on “The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis: A Fresh Understanding for a New Century” and make the case that other beings are indeed here, and they may be from elsewhere, but the reality they represent is far beyond the reality we are accustomed to thinking about.

Part 2 of Keynote Speaker Erich von Däniken’s presentation “Unsolved Mysteries of the Past” will explore how this planet was visited by ETs in the past, and our ancestors looked at these visitors as ‘gods’ who created our mythologies and religions, will conclude Day 2.

On April 10, USAF Veteran John Burroughs, who endured and investigated his life altering UFO encounter at RAF Bentwaters air base in England in December 1980, will present “Confirmation Trumps Disclosure” to begin the last day of the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference.

Crop Circle and UFO expert Barbara Lamb returns as the final speaker at the 2016 Ozark Mountain UFO Conference to present “Extraterrestrial Ambassadors on Earth” revealing numerous species of Extraterrestrials that interact with human beings, each with its own agenda.

The Ozark Mountain UFO Conference will wrap up on the afternoon of April 10 with an annual drawing of door prizes that will include a FULL 3 DAY PASS to next year’s UFO Conference.

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