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Dolores Cannon's UFO 3 Book Set (Custodians, Starcrash, Keepers)

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UFO 3 Book Set includes:

(Custodians, Starcrash, Keepers)

Price as configured: $44.00

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UFO 3 Book Set

THE CUSTODIANS 'Beyond Abduction'
by Dolores Cannon

UFO Sightings and abductions by aliens were the beginning, the tip of the iceberg.

Dolores Cannon's work in hypnosis has taken the study beyond abduction.
This accumulation of twelve years of cases includes:

* Cases of missing time
* Spacecraft from other dimensions and planes of existence
* Condensed or distorted time
* The differences and functions of various alien races
* Much more

Dolores traces the phenomenon from the simple to the complex. Exploring areas untouched by other investigators, she makes the unbelievable become acceptable and understandable.
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by Dolores Cannon

Through regressive hypnosis a lost legend of the history of mankind has been retrieved from the recesses of time. Did the American Indians descend from the inhabitants of an alien spacecraft that crashed in the Alaska-Canada region thousands of years ago? Starcrash indicates that aliens continued to come to Earth, some intentionally and by accident, throughout our history. In order to adjust to harsh conditions they were forced to interbreed with the local aborigines. This was the only way to insure the survival of their race. Does their blood still flow in the veins of certain American Indian tribes?
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by Dolores Cannon

A young man wanting to explore past-life regression discovers this is his first lifetime on Earth. All his other existences were on alien worlds and in other dimensions. He finds out that his association with extraterrestrials did not cease with these other lives. This strange case reveals the motives behind present-day involvement between UFOs and humans, and the hopes and expectations of our creators for their garden.

We are the Garden --- The Gardeners are Extraterrestrials from other worlds!
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