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Transformation Conference 2009 DVDs

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Paranormal Explorations

Day One


Day Two


Day Three



Paranormal Explorations

Day One

JUSTINE ALESSI - "Tarot in the Modern World" Each person is represented by a card in the deck; Justine will go into the audience and do "significator" readings. Use the knowledge of the archetypes of the Court Cards to solve relationship conflict. Discover how an age-old system can apply to you today!

MICHAEL DENNIS - "Messages From Your Spirit Guides" (Interactive) Meet and speak with your SPIRIT GUIDES and be uplifted by their loving, positive, messages. Their messages are informative, inspiring, as well as entertaining. They also welcome questions. Your Spirit Guides have been with you since birth. They speak in your dreams, through your hunches, and the voice of your Intuition, yet you are often too busy and distracted to hear them. This Is A Unique Channeling you will not want to miss!

RON CHAPMAN - "The Way of Spirit" In his book, Seeing True: Ninety Contemplations in Ninety Days, Ron Chapman provides a workbook approach to his signature work, The Way of Spirit. This is a unique approach to understanding the Presence that is ever with us, as well as the inner obstacles that block us off from It. Join us as Ron uses all his skills as an internationally accredited speaker, acknowledged teacher, and professional facilitator to use the framework to foster spiritual breakthrough.

DOLORES CANNON - "Nostradamus and his Prophecies" Now that the millennium is here, the prophecies of Nostradamus are being fulfilled at an alarming rate. The future is upon us and unfolding before our eyes. Dolores will talk about Nostradamus’ predictions that have come true since her books were first published in 1989, including the September 11th events, new computer technology and experimental weaponry projects. She will discuss possible predictions for the next twenty years, and how the worst-case scenarios can be avoided.

Day Two

KAREN PEEBLES - "The Other Side of Suicide" When someone commits suicide - what really happens and where do they go when they cross over? Is there a hell/purgatory or eternal damnation? Learn from her experiences with her Uncle George who did just that and came back to let us know.

SHERRI CORTLAND - "Windows of Opportunity" Sherri will introduce two important concepts from the book, "Relationship Villains" and "Windows of Opportunity," and discuss their connection to accelerated Spiritual Growth.

DARRIN OWENS - "Understanding the Divine Feminine as a Sacred Catalyst for Change" Darrin will discuss essential principles for accessing the diving feminine in your own life. Also discussed, the current spiritual shift in global conciseness and it's link to the return of the Goddess Archetype.

JULIA HANSON - "Awakening to Your Creation" Julia Hanson will discuss the awakening of creation within each of us. We are entering an era of a "Quantum World" where we will experience a new way of being. Old beliefs are being stripped away, clearing the path for us to create new worlds in ways we could not have imagined before. In this new, quantum world, you will be able to: Manifest your creations with ease and grace. Move into your perfect world, allowing for that dream to manifest in your life. Awaken the genetic potential inherent within you. Strip away your illusion of who you think you are and superimpose the original perfected blueprint of your genetic body.

HAINES ELY, M.D. - "John of God" In 1999 Haines and his wife went to Brazil to see the healer "John of God". They became immediate friends and Haines and his wife bought land next door to the Casa Dom Inacio where John does his healings. They built a house there and began taking people to see John.(27 trips) Haines was allowed to film many of John's surgeries and assisted him many times in healings. He will show some never before seen films of surgeries you won't believe and will talk about trance surgery in Brazil.

HELEN REDDY - "An Inspirational Evening with Helen Reddy" Helen Reddy speaks about: spiritual power, personal responsibility, and global transformation.

Day Three

M. DON SCHORN - Don will discuss his Elder Gods theory detailing two different groups of extraterrestrial beings that influenced the early development of humanity and the emergence of civilization on Earth. Focus will be on the legacies provided by those benefactors as contained in the Second Journal of the Ancient Ones, Legacy of the Elder Gods. That archaic bestowal included the introduction of civilized societies, advanced technological knowledge and devices, as well as the initiation of spiritual thought. Examination of the reincarnation process as Earth's earliest understanding of human immortality will also be discussed; covering concepts also contained in his latest book, Reincarnation...Stepping Stones of Life.

CAROL PATE - "Transformational Self Healing" How to get to the root of illnesses and diseases from past lives through the present by applying kinesiology and the understanding of psychological, emotional and spiritual energies that can be reharmonized and balanced to bring in personal healing. Also learn - how to see auras - unblock chakras - learn what the colors mean.

REV. KEITH BENDER - "The Despiritualized Church" Contrary to popular opinion, Christianity was not established by Jesus. It is a religion that is in many ways, the antithesis of spirituality. The Church has come not to represent love, but its opposite: fear. In its time, it became void of the spiritual essence of freedom and self-responsibility. That is not what Jesus wanted to establish when he walked the earth.

DOLORES CANNON - "Group Regression Workshop" This is accomplished by simple visualization and imagery techniques. The entire group will be taken back in time to past lives where they will meet their spiritual guide or guardian angel, and they will go to a lifetime in the future. After each of these experiences, they will write down what they have seen, and there will then be group interaction and discussion.

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