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  1. Croton by Artur Tadevosyan

    Croton by Artur Tadevosyan

    “What is happening to me? Where am I? Is this a dream?”

    Thoughts were stampeding in the queue to get into Henry’s head. The last one seemed to be on the verge of explosion. Breath. He was running out of it. He felt like he was going to have a heart attack. The last thoughts started to trigger his memory.

    “Heart attack? That’s what happened to me. But where is everybody? Nurses, doctors? Why is nobody helping me? Does my family know where I am?” From the top of his lungs, he screamed, “What is going on?” His voice echoed through the emptiness, and nobody gave him any answers. Steadily his pulse slowed down; his breath returned to normal, and Henry, like any other human, started to think. In other words, he started to rationalize the situation. The first question that popped into his mind was, “Am I dead?” After quite a substantial check of his body, he agreed that feeling was still there. He could see.

    “But what can I see? I see myself, which is quite an achievement. But what about angels, Saint Peter? Where are all those things we have heard about Heaven? Heaven? Am I in it? I must be, I’ve done nothing wrong in my life. An average citizen, average job, average family. I definitely deserve Heaven if it exists here.”

    The next thought that popped into his mind was, “But what good have I done in my life?” He tried to remember something he could brag about, something he could defend himself with if it came to Judgment Day. Nothing was coming to mind. “Oh God, I do not deserve to be in Heaven, it must be Hell I am in. No, I cannot believe this is happening to me.”

    The next thing he shouted out was, “I have done nothing wrong in my life!” His voice echoed again into the invisible walls and disappeared into darkness. After a couple of seconds of absolute silence, he heard the Voice—the type of voice that could shake you to the core.

    This title is offered by the imprint "Big Sandy Press".

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  2. Holy Ice by Paulinne Delcour–Min

    Holy Ice by Paulinne Delcour–Min

    This is a book about the crystal skulls, and about past lives and their stories. It is the journey of a soul, mine. I am a past life therapist and when Native American elders brought crystal skulls to England on the Wolf Song tour in 1998, I knew I had to have a private sitting with the ancient quartz skull known as Sha Na Ra. I asked the skull a question about my life and my future, and it showed me the answer in a picture that appeared deep within its crystal. The picture was detailed and sharp.

                So the mysterious things I’d read about the skulls were true!

                And if they were true, that meant the legend of the crystal skulls was worthy of research—using my skills with past life recall. Regression has been my passion for over thirty years now, and the legend troubled me, because it runs like this:

     Native American legends tell of thirteen ancient crystal skulls, the size of human skulls, which hold information vital for the very survival of the human race at a pivotal point in time—and though they’ve been scattered and hidden, one day they will be brought back together to save us from disaster.

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