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  1. Tales from the Trance by Jill Thomas

    Tales from the Trance by Jill Thomas

     In this book, honesty and perspective are what I hope to share by giving you full access to what goes on during hypnotherapy sessions. In the stories that follow, I open the doors of my office and give you a glimpse of what it’s really like...what people are really like. Once you read details about all the things that trouble and puzzle others, you’ll probably feel reassured about the issues that bother you. What you judge about yourself as so “strange” and “bad” may be more common than you thought.

     By gaining insight into the assortment of issues, challenges, and attitudes clients bring into my office every day, my hope is that people will be less afraid to seek help for themselves if they need it. Entertainment is a factor, too, but it goes deeper than that. Readers will be amused and captivated by the stories of some patients who seem like mental and/or emotional train-wrecks, but besides feeling relieved about their own situations, will see that we all are not so different from one another, and it’s unfair to judge situations and people we don’t understand.

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Set Descending Direction

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