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Transformation Conference 2008 DVDs

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Paranormal Explorations

Day 1


Day 2


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Paranormal Explorations

Day 1

RON CHAPMAN - 'Seeing True - Beyond the Secret' Aspiring metaphysicians have been enthralled by The Secret, and before that, What the Bleep. But the mystics of the ages know there is still more to be seen. Join this internationally accredited inspirational speaker to look deeper still.

JUSTINE ALESSI - 'Tarot in the Modern World' - Each person is represented by a card in the deck; Justine will go into the audience and do “significator” readings. Use the knowledge of the archetypes of the Court Cards to solve relationship conflict. Discover how an age-old system can apply to you today!

DOLORES CANNON - 'Life After Death' - An accumulation of 30 years of research, through hypnosis, of the death experience. This is not Near Death Experience, but real death. What happens when death occurs, what it feels like, etc. The various places the soul can go after it leaves the body. This in-between spirit state is discussed in detail. The lessons to be learned by living in a human body. Then the planning stage and the return to the physical body through rebirth.

Day 2

DOROTHY LEON - 'Is Jehovah an E.T.?' - Dorothy will reveal the origins and activities of various space beings who have posed as ‘gods’. She will pinpoint some of the many Biblical scriptures and other sacred texts that describe spacecraft and expose recent alien visitations that have inspired modern religions.

TONI TRIMBLE- "When Animals Cross Over" - Do you ever wonder what happens when your beloved animals cross over? Toni will share her insights from her communications with animals of all types and species. We might even be able to get Toni to show us how we can access this ability within ourselves.

CAROL PATE - "Psychic Detective and Beyond" - Carol will share her experiences in the psychic realm of helping people. What it's like from her perspective in solving murder cases and missing person cases as well as her interactions with those that have passed on. Carol will also give quick lessons on reading auras. Time for questions.

DALE KACZMAREK - "Ghostbusting Techniques" - Dale will demonstrate actual ghost hunting equipment and procedures as well as share information gleaned from local "spook light" investigations. Time for questions.

GORDON MICHAEL SCALLION - "Conversations with Gordon Michael Scallion" - Join us for a rare interactive appearance to discuss prophesy about world events and the environment. This will be an open forum in which you may ask questions.
,br> NANCY TALBOTT - "Crop Circles: The Tip of the Iceberg" - Recent events which include dozens of photographs of both "ET-like" beings and images of people known to have died, will be discussed in detail, and the role of "consciousness" in these situations explored. People capable of at least temporarily suspending mainstream concepts of reality will certainly leave this lecture with much to think about.

Day 3

M. DON SCHORN - "Elder Gods of Antiquity" - Don uncovers his unique new theory on ancient astronauts. He has done extensive research of Extraterrestrials being gods and goddesses of ancient civilizations. He will discuss out-of-place artifacts and ancient technology and draw from his vast knowledge of ancient history.
,br> MARILYN HARPER -"Practical Mysticism – Connecting step-by-step" - The definition for mysticism is the connection made to Source Energy. Marilyn through her entertaining story will show just how easy those connections can be made and then lead the audience through a guided meditation to connect them with their spirit guides and totem animals. Then we will go on a journey through past or future lives connecting through the Akashic Records. She will facilitate and activate the audience to be their own "mystic".

DOLORES CANNON - "The Convoluted Universe" - Dolores Cannon is experiencing an evolution in her work as a hypnotherapist. Her clients (who are coming from all over the world) are no longer experiencing regressions into past lives. They are returning to the Source (God) to explain why they are living here in the world now, supplying more detailed information about the shift in vibrations and frequencies as we move into the New Earth. They are here specifically to help with the shift into this new dimension. Who will make the transition into the new world, and who will be "left behind"? What are the effects being experienced by the human body as it makes the adjustment? Will we take our physical bodies with us? How all available vehicles (bodies) are being utilized, even those being evacuated during NDE.

Our speakers return for a rousing discussion and to answer your questions.

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