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The Convoluted Universe - Book Five by Dolores Cannon

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You Asked for It!! And Now It's Here!


The Book You've Been Waiting For!


The fifth volume of the Convoluted Universe series. World renowned past-life regressionist, hypnotherapist and researcher of lost knowledge, Dolores Cannon has done it again. Using deep hypnosis and her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, she presents mind-blowing theories and concepts originating from other dimensions. 

In this book Dolores discusses topics on:

*Finishing Karma, *New Perceptions of Energy, *Other World Lives, *Final Perspectives on Backdrop People, *We Are the Creators.

Dolores had several books completed, just needing to go through the publication process when she passed.  As this process is completed, we will present them to you.  Enjoy!

We have been asked by some if Dolores really wrote this book.  Yes, this book was written by Dolores and here is a video where she is talking about the writing of the book.  Please "Click Here". 

If you would like to read a review click here.



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Here is a look at what you will find in this the fifth book in the series. Enjoy!

Table of Contents

Section 1 - Finishing Karma

Chapter 1 – The Glass Box

Chapter 2 – An End to Killing

Chapter 3 – Resisting Being Born

Chapter 4 – The Mermaid

Chapter 5 – A Life Interrupted

Chapter 6 – Switching Places


Section 2 – New Perceptions of Energy

Chapter 7 – Experiencing Being Total Energy

Chapter 8 – I Am You!


Section 3 – Other World Lives

Chapter 9 – The Transporter

Chapter 10 – Devourer of Worlds

Chapter 11 – Energy Portal

Chapter 12 – A Lone Sentry

Chapter 13 – A Column of Stone

Chapter 14 – Observer Sent to Help Earth


Section 4 – We the Creators

Chapter 15 – A Different Perception of God

Chapter 16 – Influencer of Outcomes and Realities

Chapter 17 – A Creator of Realities

Chapter 18 – Backdrop People

Chapter 19 – A Creator Light Being

Chapter 20 – Go Be Light!

Chapter 21 – The Motherboard

Chapter 22 – An Entire Universe Shifts

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