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  1. The Dawn Book by Annie Stillwater Gray (E-Book)

    The Dawn Book by Annie Stillwater Gray (E-Book)

    At this time in the evolution of the Earth, much information is being made available to humanity through psychic and spiritual means.  Channeled information has presented itself throughout history, but never as frequently or as forcefully as today.  It is time for humanity to possess knowledge which has been, for the most part, unavailable until now.  This sacred knowledge is entering the Earth plane in many places, in many ways.

     If you would like to read a review click here.

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  2. The Custodians by Dolores Cannon (E-Book)

    The Custodians by Dolores Cannon (E-Book)

    UFO Sightings and abductions by aliens were the beginning, the tip of the iceberg.

    Dolores Cannon's work in hypnosis has taken the study beyond abduction.
    This accumulation of twelve years of cases includes:
    *  Cases of missing time
    *  Spacecraft from other dimensions and planes of existence
    *  Condensed or distorted time
    *  The differences and functions of various alien races
    *  Much more
    Dolores traces the phenomenon from the simple to the complex. Exploring areas untouched by other investigators, she makes the unbelievable become acceptable and understandable.

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  3. The Curators by Guy Needler (E-Book)

    The Curators by Guy Needler (E-Book)

    Ever wondered what made the Universe? - Was it the big bang? - Why is it not expanding or contracting? Why does it appear to have an orderly level of functionality? Are there more universes within a much larger multiversal environment? If so, where are they? Are theoretical physicists correct?

    In The Curators the reader is exposed to the mechanics of the multiversal environment we exist within and those entities that maintain it.

    In The Curators you will learn:-

    • ·         That there is a hierarchy of entities that maintain the evolutionary efficiency of the multiverse
    • ·         The roles and responsibilities of these entities
    • ·         What nature spirits or elementals are
    • ·         That we exist in many “Event Spaces” and the Realities within them
    • ·         That there are different classifications of Event Space and Realities
    • ·         That these entities can change our Event Spaces and/or Realities at will
    • ·         That evolutionary efficiency is the primary reason for change in the multiverse
    • ·         That there are different levels of structure to support the maintenance and functionality of the multiverse.
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  4. The Convoluted Universe - Book Two by Dolores Cannon (E-Book)

    The Convoluted Universe - Book Two by Dolores Cannon (E-Book)

    More Mind-Bending & Challenging Metaphysical Concepts

    * Hidden Underground Cities
    * Energy and Creator Beings
    * Time Portals for Traveling Between Dimensions
    * Raising of Vibrations and Frequencies to Shift into the New Earth
    * Characteristics of the New Earth
    * The Universal Language of Symbols
    * Splinters and Facets of the Soul
    * Life on Other Planets

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  5. The Convoluted Universe - Book Three by Dolores Cannon (E-Book)

    The Convoluted Universe - Book Three by Dolores Cannon (E-Book)

    Join us on a voyage through time and space into the world of the strange and unusual and unfathomable, as hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon's Convoluted Universe series continues. Suspend belief as you explore worlds and dimensions where your dreams become reality and your reality is only a dream. Open your mind to a myriad of possibilities that have previously only dwelt in the imagination. More mind-bending concepts for those with open minds and eager curiosities.

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  6. The Convoluted Universe - Book One by Dolores Cannon (E-Book)

    The Convoluted Universe - Book One by Dolores Cannon (E-Book)

    The Convoluted Universe contains some of the more complicated concepts in Metaphysics that Dolores Cannon discovered through twenty years of using deep hypnosis to explore the subconscious mind. Some of the topics explored in this book: The origin, knowledge and destruction of Atlantis, The explanations of Earth mysteries, including - the Pyramids, Easter Island, The Bermuda Triangle, the Ark of the Covenant, Loch Ness Monster, Nazca Lines, Characteristics of other Planets, Parallel Universes, Parallel Lifetimes and Realities, other dimensions and much more.

    This book is intended for those readers who want their minds expanded by the more complicated Metaphysical ideas that border on "Quantum Physics".

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  7. The Convoluted Universe - Book Four by Dolores Cannon (E-Book)

    The Convoluted Universe - Book Four by Dolores Cannon (E-Book)

    This is the fourth volume in the series in the wildly successful Convoluted Universe series. Premier hypnotherapist, and psychic researcher Dolores Cannon does it again. Using deep hypnosis and past life regression techniques, she presents mind-blowing theories and concepts originating from other dimensions.

    In this amazing book, is more information about the spirit side - where we go after we "die." Plus new information on the life reviews and preparing contracts and your life plan of what you hope to accomplish on your return to Earth.

    Cannon uncovers forgotten ancient knowledge that secret mystery schools and ancient civilizations used and is being brought back now. Ancient mysteries such as: Atlantis, Lemuria, the original Stonehenge, and the creation of life on Earth are explored.

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  8. The Convoluted Universe, Book Five by Dolores Cannon (E-Book)

    The Convoluted Universe - Book Five by Dolores Cannon (E-Book)

    Here is a look at what you will find in this the fifth book in the series. Enjoy!


    Table of Contents

    Section 1 - Finishing Karma

    • Chapter 1 – The Glass Box
    • Chapter 2 – An End to Killing
    • Chapter 3 – Resisting Being Born
    • Chapter 4 – The Mermaid
    • Chapter 5 – A Life Interrupted
    • Chapter 6 – Switching Places

    Section 2 – New Perceptions of Energy

    • Chapter 7 – Experiencing Being Total Energy
    • Chapter 8 – I Am You!

    Section 3 – Other World Lives

    • Chapter 9 – The Transporter
    • Chapter 10 – Devourer of Worlds
    • Chapter 11 – Energy Portal
    • Chapter 12 – A Lone Sentry
    • Chapter 13 – A Column of Stone
    • Chapter 14 – Observer Sent to Help Earth

    Section 4 – We the Creators

    • Chapter 15 – A Different Perception of God
    • Chapter 16 – Influencer of Outcomes and Realities
    • Chapter 17 – A Creator of Realities
    • Chapter 18 – Backdrop People
    • Chapter 19 – A Creator Light Being
    • Chapter 20 – Go Be Light!
    • Chapter 21 – The Motherboard
    • Chapter 22 – An Entire Universe Shifts
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  9. The Big Desire E-Book

    The Big Desire by Kathryn Andries (E-Book)

    Have you ever wanted something so much you could almost taste it? Have you ever hit a stumbling block to get what you want? Well it happened to Sara Nichols. Her life was looking fairly glum when she found herself as the new kid on the block and the only one without a bicycle. However, her luck changed when she met Mike, the local bike store owner. He teaches her a skill that changes her life forever- visualization.

    When kids see how easy it is for Sarah to manifest what she wants, they may never have to ask anyone for anything again. Children of all ages can follow the simple steps presented by the fun and engaging character Mike to realize their desires.

    Parents will be thrilled with this book that empowers children by teaching them the skill of visualization. This book will allow people of all ages to become the powerful creators they were destined to become!

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  10. The Anne Dialogues by Guy Needler (E-Book)

    The Anne Dialogues by Guy Needler (E-Book)

    This is a behind the energetic scenes look at what happens in the incarnation process.  You are taken each step of the way from the point of death to the decision to incarnate again and through the myriad of teachings in between.

     Imagine what it would be like to talk to a recently deceased loved one. What questions would you ask? What is it like? Are previous reports correct?

     In The Anne Dialogues these same questions were asked and a depth of knowledge never before experienced was returned. 

     In The Anne Dialogues we find out:

     The affect drugs have on the soul

    • What our higher self really is
    • What aspects, shards, secondary and sub-incarnations are
    • What the Ego is and what role it plays 
    • How big our network of helpers are
    • What evolutionary debt is
    • How we choose to experience what we experience and how it affects others
    • That the Earth is not the only location where we incarnate 
    • What Karma is
    • That we are smaller individualizations of God!
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