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  1. Opening to Fullness of Spirit by Carolyn Greer Daly (E-Book)

    Opening to Fullness of Spirit by Carolyn Greer Daly (E-Book)

    Should you ever decide to shake your fist at God and demand Truth, hold on to your seat and prepare yourself for a spiritual adventure the likes of which you couldn’t imagine.

    On Easter Sunday of 1971, I did exactly this and found myself propelled across the sea of tradition onto the foreign shores of another realm of reality.  In innocent trust I opened a door, stepped over the threshold with no idea where it would lead.

    Most stories have a beginning, middle and an end.  My story is different  I’m not sure when it began, perhaps on Easter Sunday, 1971, or perhaps hundreds of years before that date with a lady named Ellen, and I doubt that it will end with my death.  It is my hope that this story will continue when someone else, perhaps a family member, will pick up a pen and find me on the other side


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  2. Not Your Average Angel Book by Andy Myers (E-Book)

    Not Your Average Angel Book by Andy Myers (E-Book)

    This book is a double dose of angels, as Andy Myers explores the phenomenon from two different perspectives. The first section focuses on spirit guides, and is overflowing with useful content on how the reader can learn to communicate with his or her spirit guides on a daily basis. This section is highly informative, surprisingly humorous, and bursting at the seams with fresh content that you won’t find in other angel books. It includes shocking true stories of spirit guides assisting humans in ways you never thought possible. The second portion of this book centers on classic, winged angels. Andy offers up a fresh take on angels as he playfully explores the topic from the perspectives of history, spirituality, and pop culture. You’ll read jaw-dropping true stories of angelic miracles that will affirm your faith and leave you with goose bumps! Buckle up, as you join Andy in a heartwarming, funny, and unforgettable flight through angelic airspace.

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  3. New Age Metaphysics

    New Age Metaphysics by Paula J. Tyler & Fran Stagg (E-Book)

    A helpful understanding of Metaphysics for both the young and old alike. This book also contains an additional recommended reading books list, many of which are available at your local library.

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  4. Naked in Public: Dream Symbols Revealed

    Naked in Public: Dream Symbols Revealed by Kathryn & Patrick Andries (E-Book)

    Are you ready to make sense of the often bizarre scenarios and the strange people that appear in your dreams? If so, this book will assist you in the process by taking you into the depths of your subconscious mind to unravel the process and purpose of dreams. You will learn to do the following:

    Interpret the language of dream symbols
    Put symbols together to see the message
    Enhance your dream recall
    Release old unconscious thinking patterns
    Influence your dreams
    Respond to your dreams
    Understand recurring dreams
    Interpret the meaning of the people in dreams

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  5. Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom by James Nussbaumer (E-Book)

    Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom by James Nussbaumer (E-Book)

    At age fifty, removed from his high-pressured life as a financial advisor, beginning a ten year prison term for a foolish securities violation, James Nussbaumer had the time to absorb the complex lessons of A Course in Miracles. Revealing to him the nature of the prison in which virtually all us dwell, that of the dominance of the ego and belief in separation from the One Mind (God), a Voice or insistent thoughts told him what he needed to do.

              From there his first book, The Master of Everything, was born.  The present volume, Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom is its companion—a sequel.  Both are down-to-earth, accessible, illustrating his life and experiences behind prison walls. Readers will find an easy-to-follow path to healing of the separated mind: reaching illumination thus finding in your heart the free will that has been waiting for you, mastery accomplished.  Hence the title: Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom.

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  6. Live From The Other Side

    Live From the Other Side by Maureen McGill & Nola Davis (E-Book)

    Live From the Other Side is a collection of real life stories of ways to connect with the other side.

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  7. Lifting the Veil on the Lost Continent of Mu

    Lifting the Veil on the Lost Continent of Mu by Jack Churchward (E-Book)

    A re-issue of the 1926 classic by James Churchward, The Lost Continent of Mu: Motherland of Men supplemented with fresh research and new material by the author's great-grandson.

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  8. Legacy of the Elder Gods

    Legacy of the Elder Gods by M. Don Schorn (E-Book)

    Second Journal of the Ancient Ones Legacy of the Elder Gods by M. Don Schorn As the second volume within this continuing book series, this journal reveals further validation of the Elder Gods theory. Each volume was written as a stand-alone book, allowing this trilogy to be read in any order. Additional documentation derived from ancient texts and arcane historic records suggest that otherworldly beings bestowed vast knowledge, cultural gifts, and advanced levels of technology upon the early civilizations of Earth. Discover the motive behind the extraterrestrial development of our human species, and the true purpose of supplying ancient guidance and help to the early inhabitants of our planet. Learn how various religious beliefs have been altered since their ancient inception.

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  9. Legacy From The Stars

    Legacy From The Stars by Dolores Cannon (E-Book)

    Through regressive hypnosis, hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon has discovered several cases where the subjects relived other lifetimes as inhabitants on other planets in strange environments. We are all extraterrestrials. In the history of the cosmos, Earth is considered a young planet, and our souls have been around forever and will continue to be around forever. Thus Earth is not our only home. We have lived many lives in unusual environments before deciding to journey here and learn the lessons of Earth. After our journey schooling is completed on this planet, we will journey onward and outward to discover new worlds to explore. Earth is merely a stop-over in our long adventure. The memories of these soul journeys are recorded in our subconscious, and Dolores Cannon shows that they can be retrieved through regressive hypnosis.

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  10. LE TRE ONDATE DI VOLONTARI E LA NUOVA TERRA by Dolores Cannon (Italian E-Book)

    LE TRE ONDATE DI VOLONTARI E LA NUOVA TERRA by Dolores Cannon (Italian E-Book)

    Fin dalla mia prima avventura in questo mondo sconosciuto
    più di quaranta anni fa ho considerato me stessa come un
    giornalista, un investigatore, un ricercatore della "conoscenza
    perduta." In realtà io sono un ipnoterapeuta specializzata in
    terapia delle vite passate e rintraccio la causa dei problemi
    della gente ad altre vite, piuttosto che a quella attuale.
    Mentre il mio lavoro cresceva e si espandeva, ho sviluppato la
    mia tecnica ipnotica che permette la guarigione istantanea; così
    ora la sto insegnando in tutto il mondo. I risultati sono
    sorprendenti. Quando per la prima volta ho sentito il bisogno
    di insegnare la mia tecnica, non sapevo se era possibile, perché
    quando si sviluppa qualcosa personalmente, si sa anche come
    funziona. Tuttavia, sarei mai stata in grado di insegnarla ad
    altri in modo comprensibile? Questo era il dilemma. Sapevo
    anche che se non avessi provato non lo avrei mai saputo.
    Troppe persone (e alcuni dei miei clienti) hanno paura di fallire
    e non ci provano mai. Così ho iniziato ad insegnare nel 2002 e
    ora abbiamo diffuso questo metodo in tutto il mondo. Con mia
    grande soddisfazione, i miei studenti stanno osservando gli
    stessi miracolosi risultati che ho sperimentato io. Alcuni di loro
    stanno esplorando nuove modalità d’uso della tecnica a cui io
    non avevo mai pensato. Quale migliore soddisfazione potrebbe
    avere un insegnante se non di vedere i propri studenti privi di
    paura mentre esplorano nuove metodologie e percorsi
    sconosciuti. Il mio metodo non è come gli altri metodi di
    ipnosi obsoleti secondo i quali è necessario seguire la
    procedura alla lettera e non si può deviare nemmeno una parola
    dalle istruzioni scritte. Nei miei corsi voglio che gli studenti
    capiscano che cosa sto facendo così che possano pensare con la
    loro mente. Tuttavia, finché ci sono rischi per il cliente non
    sono liberi di sperimentare. Ho notato che il mio metodo è
    estremamente flessibile. Si tratta di una creatura in continua
    evoluzione. Molte volte, anche dopo tutti questi anni, torno a
    casa e dico a mia figlia, Julia: "Indovina che cosa ho imparato
    di poter fare oggi!". "Loro" mi hanno detto tante volte che non
    ci sono limiti, a meno che non te li crei tu stessa. Tutto è
    possibile. Siamo limitati soltanto dalla nostra immaginazione.

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