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The Old is New by L.R.Sumpter

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In the course of writing this book, answers to the following questions and many others were given in both narrative and visual form.  Most of them were presented rather forcefully, and not when I was expecting them.  I understood that I was to share what I learned.

  • ·         What is in store for the geology of North America?

  • ·         How do we create matter every day?

  • ·         What is the nature of nature?

  • ·         How did people live more than a half million years ago?

  • ·         What was space travel like a half million years ago?

  • ·         Where is God?

  • ·         What are our responsibilities as humans?

  • ·         Is Hitler in heaven?

  • ·         How can we go to heaven?

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The more I have worked on this second book, the more I have been convinced that we are a new kind of human across the globe. Old ways are falling very fast before my eyes. As I sit at my computer and write about a new/old way to see the world, the news is full of places in the world where dictatorship is being further abandoned, where there is more unity in the world against evil and where our educational and technological capabilities are improving. The world is daily seeing things that have not been for many thousands of years if ever. In the lands now known as Arabic, even in the land now called Israel, when is it known that there was any kind of government other than monarchy or imperial tyranny? Even across North Africa this form of government has been rejected and the people are making their way to self-rule. Such rapid change is the new normal, so much so that we do not consider it shocking. I suspect that among the young, perhaps younger than 40 years, these changes have been subconsciously expected all along. The tyranny has been seen as abnormal with the expectation that it would be replaced. It was only a matter of when. What other revolutionary changes are stored in the subconscious of these younger generations? Once we get to look inside, we might be surprised. It bears repeating that for the last several thousand years mankind has been in a sorry state, floundering around lost in the woods. Even when messengers appeared bringing a higher knowledge from God, their messages were immediately commandeered by misguided souls with selfish ambitions. It is very much as if no other behavior was possible given the state of human consciousness. Once the idea is reestablished that this Earthly life has the purpose of giving us the opportunity to become more like God, then the course of past civilization can be altered. This gives new import to the words of the Declaration of Independence, that all men [all people] are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is becoming more and more apparent that this declaration was for everyone on the Earth. Now with these thoughts in mind, we can change our view of Earth life from one of meaningless chaos to one of mission and purpose. I have come to the firm conviction that these messages were at the core of what Jesus of Nazareth was sent to teach, but that they were quickly subverted by alien and more traditional agendas. If we could know, this might have been the case with Mohammed as well. Some of the beliefs that up to the third century A.D. were commonplace were those of prophecy and reincarnation. After the Christian Church started to organize itself largely around Paul’s ideas, prophesy and reincarnation were ignored. Such ideas would interfere with Earthly paternalistic powers. Along with these two ideas went the rich source of information and power that the feminine forms of life would provide. We descended into the black pit of those who despise their mothers and sisters. We despise the source of our physical being. This is a stultifying and strangulating belief. These ideas do not allow us to have any responsibility for what our life is. Some Earthly patriarchal authority was given that role. We were comfortable with this because of the thousands of years of our past. These beliefs are difficult to change and they go with us into the other non-Earthly side. They are now changing, however, and we can now consciously assume responsibility for our lives and for what our Earth existence in general is to be. We can know that we have created just what our individual and collective lives will be, even well before we were born here. We can enjoy our unabating interconnectivity. We can listen to the voices of our fellow humans from around the world whose ideas and messages are now delivered to us primarily in material forms. In the introduction to the first book I wrote about a spirit guide that appeared to me one summer while I was at our home on a lake. While I was in the process of finishing this book, I consulted a clairvoyant who is an Akashic Reader. She too was able to see my new friend from long ago and she reported that in the background she also saw a bit of the town on the seashore of the Land of Mu that I had seen. We were discussing the purpose of focusing and reporting on this land of so long ago. My clairvoyant, and in this case clairaudient consultant, then reported that my guide from Mu explained that she came forward in this writing project to reassure the readers that their grandchildren will indeed survive the Earth changes and that they would have an acceptable world to live in where human progress would continue. In fact it is these grandchildren, who will survive the changes, who are meant to create the prophesied new age. They have these Earth changes programmed into their life plan. They also have the life on Earth after the changes in their life plan. It must be understood that not all of the predicted changes will occur overnight. We have just come to a time, predicted for many years, when large areas of the Earth will go through geological change. Some changes may be sudden, but everything will certainly not happen at once. There will be, there are ample warnings provided. It is our choice whether we wish to heed these warnings. The rest of this introduction is in the voice of the spiritual sources of most of this writing. Now that we have gone over all of the preview bits and pieces, we can start on the momentous items revolving around what the aforementioned implies. The most significant of these is that consciousness is entirely beyond time and place. In fact, time and place are strictly attributes of Earthly life. Now we have removed the mental obstacles from the possibility that a living form from half a million years ago in Earth time, which is really meaningless in current terms anyway, could appear to inform living forms in the present. Why wouldn’t this be possible? God is eternal. We are eternal. Our consciousness and the energy of our ideas are eternal. Is not light eternal? Eternal is as meaningless as half a million years. What is important is the ideas in the messages—the principles, etc. These are that human life has gone through many changes, quite different from the ones that we now suppose have happened, quite a bit more drastic than anything currently imagined. These changes have been part of human consciousness itself. The Earth is and always has been totally a human enterprise in whatever form that took. That is to say that it has always been an enterprise of sapience, sentient sapience, imagination realized in matter. This imagination is exercised with freedom of intention, free will as they say. What will happen under such circumstances? We will just have to see. And so it has gone for millions of years successfully in this and corollary parallel universes that occasionally bleed through individual consciousness, individual minds. We now want to combine the experiences of some half a million years ago with those of today. The former should inform the latter because of the similarities between the two. It is a mathematically natural matchup. The one culture very nearly fits on top of the other in essential beliefs and goals for civilization. What is not known is that all of this has been worked out in minute detail in heaven, so that we are born with the ideas already in our head. It is easy to think of a sports team going out on the field with a game plan. We are sent into our lives with a game plan to achieve a certain future for human life on Earth. This life will stretch out for thousands, even millions of years. It is already envisioned, and there are plenty of inhabitants of the Earth who right now are walking around with certain appropriate visions of what small or great things they must do to move all of this along. Writing and reading this book are among those assigned things for some people. Everyone knows this subconsciously. This knowledge is what unites us all. We are in touch with each other telepathically all of the time and these things, these responsibilities, these goals are among the things discussed on this level. On the level of evolution, that is an evolution of a different form than what is commonly discussed, all changes in the natural, molecular world of matter, be that in the form of mineral, plant or animal, will occur within the framework of this vision for the future. Hence, as great geological changes take place, these too have been foreseen, are expected, and are part of an overall plan. This has always been the case, although it would be hard to explain. Just as there are many themes to each individual lifetime, there have been many themes in different ages and epochs of human civilization. These could be puzzled out with the proper perspectives. Some writers and thinkers have come close to describing a great number of the themes of what is called the Eighteenth century in the western world. There are many more themes that escape modern knowledge, and, of course, the east and the west are totally ignorant of each other. It goes without saying that misconceptions and prejudices in modern scholarship preclude many things from being found out. Since mostly we do not know what these themes are for our time or even that there are any themes to know, we will have trouble understanding each other. As different people speak from their position where they are living a life as part of a particular theme or maybe a combination of themes, they may be almost incomprehensible to someone who is focused on other themes. All of this can be discovered and sorted out by meditation, by looking and listening inward. Events will certainly happen in the near future which will bring about this inward listening. Now strength is necessary, inner strength. This is that toward which we are all being led, like it or not. Some of the souls of earth life that have helped to write this book should be mentioned. My late wife, Judith, supported and encouraged me from the very beginnings of this project. Even from Heaven she continues to do this. My great consultant and reader of the Akashic records, Boni Oien, has also been responsible for this project even happening. My two cousins, D. L. Abner and Lucille Le Beau, have coached, encouraged and, at times, collaborated on parts of this and other writing. Two more cousins, Brenda Miller and Kay Davis, came forward to pick me up and put me back on my feet after their cousin, my wife, passed on only two months ago. I feel that I need to mention as well what I call “the heavenly host” of departed relatives and friends that have appeared to me repeatedly to reassure me and give me strength.

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