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The Dawn Book by Annie Stillwater Gray

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At this time in the evolution of the Earth, much information is being made available to humanity through psychic and spiritual means.  Channeled information has presented itself throughout history, but never as frequently or as forcefully as today.  It is time for humanity to possess knowledge which has been, for the most part, unavailable until now.  This sacred knowledge is entering the Earth plane in many places, in many ways.

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The Dawn Book is a spiritual workbook. The information within has been carefully prepared by the Master Guides who are in charge of disseminating this knowledge.  These Master Guides have taken great care to present the information in a simple, straightforward manner so that it is easy to understand. This information may affect future generations for hundreds of years. Opportunities are presented for humans to become what we can become, to fulfill ourselves in the eyes of the universe.The Dawn Book is a gift to humanity, which offers a positive outlook on Mother Earth's changes with simple exercises to raise our personal vibrations to heal ourselves and the planet.

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