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  1. Not Your Average Angel Book by Andy Myers

    Not Your Average Angel Book by Andy Myers

    This book is a double dose of angels, as Andy Myers explores the phenomenon from two different perspectives. The first section focuses on spirit guides, and is overflowing with useful content on how the reader can learn to communicate with his or her spirit guides on a daily basis. This section is highly informative, surprisingly humorous, and bursting at the seams with fresh content that you won’t find in other angel books. It includes shocking true stories of spirit guides assisting humans in ways you never thought possible. The second portion of this book centers on classic, winged angels. Andy offers up a fresh take on angels as he playfully explores the topic from the perspectives of history, spirituality, and pop culture. You’ll read jaw-dropping true stories of angelic miracles that will affirm your faith and leave you with goose bumps! Buckle up, as you join Andy in a heartwarming, funny, and unforgettable flight through angelic airspace.

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