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  1. Dance of Eternal Rapture by Garnet Schulhauser

    Dance of Eternal Rapture by Garnet Schulhauser

    It has been quite a ride! Ever since I met my spirit guide, Albert, disguised as a homeless man, that fateful day in 2007, my life has never been the same. I went from being a buttoned-down, straight-laced corporate lawyer to an author who has published four books (including this one) about my dialogue and subsequent astral travels with Albert.

    Once I decided to come out of the spiritual closet there was no turning back, and I have no regrets whatsoever. I have lost a few friends along the way (some of whom likely think I am suffering from an early onset of dementia), but I have gained many new friends who have encouraged me to continue writing about the revelations from Albert and the other wise souls I have met during my travels.

    This book is a sequel to my first three books, Dancing on a Stamp, Dancing Forever with Spirit, and Dance of Heavenly Bliss, as it chronicles my most recent astral adventures with Albert. As with the first three books, Albert had a carefully-planned agenda all mapped out—designed to teach me (and all of humankind) a lesson or to provide us with a nugget of wisdom to help us understand who we are and why we are having a human journey on this planet.

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  2. From Psychic to Soul by Diane Lewis

    From Psychic to Soul by Diane Lewis

    From Psychic to Soul is a reveal of how every person is psychic. How we already, knowing or not, use our abilities and how we can expand on them with easy to understand real life examples. It further introduces little known concepts as well as concepts I have created for understanding. You will also learn what your soul is and the concepts surrounding it.

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  3. Not Your Average Angel Book by Andy Myers

    Not Your Average Angel Book by Andy Myers

    This book is a double dose of angels, as Andy Myers explores the phenomenon from two different perspectives. The first section focuses on spirit guides, and is overflowing with useful content on how the reader can learn to communicate with his or her spirit guides on a daily basis. This section is highly informative, surprisingly humorous, and bursting at the seams with fresh content that you won’t find in other angel books. It includes shocking true stories of spirit guides assisting humans in ways you never thought possible. The second portion of this book centers on classic, winged angels. Andy offers up a fresh take on angels as he playfully explores the topic from the perspectives of history, spirituality, and pop culture. You’ll read jaw-dropping true stories of angelic miracles that will affirm your faith and leave you with goose bumps! Buckle up, as you join Andy in a heartwarming, funny, and unforgettable flight through angelic airspace.

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