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  1. Heaven Here on Earth by Curt Melliger

    Heaven Here on Earth by Curt Melliger

         While attending catechism class as a child, Curt Melliger was taught that if he obeyed the rules all his life he would be allowed to enter a place called Heaven when he died.  The priest and nuns described it as a sacred abode up in the clouds that contained all of the very best things in the universe.  There was sunshine and blue sky, pretty flowers and double rainbows, peace and happiness, ringing bells and beautiful music, saints and angels and the all-enveloping love of God.  The young boy’s mind processed this information and came to the stunning conclusion: “Why, they’re talking about Earth!”

         Since that early revelation Curt has been discovering other examples of paradise incarnate wherever he goes.  This book is a collection of stories on subjects ranging from water, fire, and stars to adrenaline rushes, near-death experiences, and the place where goosebumps originate, from skiing powder and climbing high mountains and walking in reverse to the changing of seasons, the lessons of night, and the reason for dreams, from wild animals, unseen visitors, and beings that do not die to the magic of the human touch, beatific ecstasy, and what awaits us on the other side of the veil that only partially separates this golden realm from the perfect one.

         For the Ultimate is much closer than we have been led to believe.  Indeed, it is readily available right here on this planet, this Garden of Eden, this one-of-a-kind oasis in space. Right now.

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  2. Spiritual Gold by Paulinne Delcour-Min

    Spiritual Gold by Paulinne Delcour-Min

    Spiritual Gold is a wonderful book about past lives. It shares the treasures of a soul’s journey through time and introduces us to angels and inner guides. The past life memories in the book have been retrieved through regression and stretch back over 10,000 years. They include hearing Jesus speak, and reveal his lost teachings of reincarnation; they take us to other worlds and unravel the secret of the Sphinx. But understanding the past brings a warning about our future.

         The years we are living through now form a pivotal point in time. Our choices could bring us to a Golden Age – or a great catastrophe. Spiritual Gold helps us step into our power. It may be a book about past lives, but its eyes are firmly on the future. We can make a difference to how things turn out. We can forge our destiny.

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  3. The Old is New by L.R.Sumpter

    The Old is New by L.R.Sumpter

    In the course of writing this book, answers to the following questions and many others were given in both narrative and visual form.  Most of them were presented rather forcefully, and not when I was expecting them.  I understood that I was to share what I learned.

    • ·         What is in store for the geology of North America?
    • ·         How do we create matter every day?
    • ·         What is the nature of nature?
    • ·         How did people live more than a half million years ago?
    • ·         What was space travel like a half million years ago?
    • ·         Where is God?
    • ·         What are our responsibilities as humans?
    • ·         Is Hitler in heaven?
    • ·         How can we go to heaven?
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