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  1. And Then I Knew My Abundance by James Nussbaumer

    And Then I Knew My Abundance by James Nussbaumer

    This book is concerned with making contact with this effective and purposeful part of the mind.  You will learn to realize your consciousness in a different way from the familiar way it may have been making you operate in the physical world.  You will learn to recognize consciousness as an entity that you create, but do so from behind it.  I know this may seem confusing, so for now, and just to buffer the impact of this thought about “you being behind your own consciousness,” allow me first to ask you to consider a couple of extending thoughts. By extending I mean sharing our Reality together as One.

                    Ask yourself, what is truly a higher order: the physical or our natural Divine Self?  If separated from nature the mind becomes a hollow bundle of shallow thoughts, lacking all activity, without luster and authenticity, seeking only projected images seen as form, and without the pleasure of being real, or, let’s say Divine. I do realize we’re just beginning our journey together through this book, but for now consider a projected image being something the world has taught us to see since our birth into this world. Something your physical past has taught you to picture in your mind.  

                    Imagine a place of insightful activity that you’re able to find somewhere in your mind—a place where the confusing possibilities about your consciousness are cleared away, and the absolute is brought forward.  This place exists.  It’s where your true potential can once and for all be realized, and then accepted.  As your curiosity plays alongside doubts, reaching the ever-widening boundaries of your thoughts, you are able, if you so choose, to reestablish contact with the Source of the active center of what gives you life.

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  2. The Alien Handbook by Patrick De Haan

    The Alien Handbook by Patrick De Haan

    This book has information about highly evolved life from other worlds in our galaxy, visiting and observing Earth.  There are channeling sessions between the author and his spirit guides (nicknamed GAGs as an abbreviation for Guardian Angel Guides), ETs in general and sessions with alien extraterrestrials visiting and observing Earth as the book was written, 2014 through early 2016.


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  3. The Sleeping Phoenix by Victoria Pendragon

    The Sleeping Phoenix by Victoria Pendragon

    Back in the 90’s when I’d been assiduously side-stepping all the messages I was receiving from the healers I was visiting about “being a healer” myself, I had a visit one afternoon from a form of consciousness – an immense glittering white light - that called itself “an embodiment of the light.” It told me that the time had come for me to share what I had learned with others. This book, the third and most comprehensive of the Sleep Magic books, is a continuation of the sharing. It is an in-depth exploration of the technique and process of Sleep Magic. I hope that you find it useful.

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