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  1. Work of a Guardian Angel by Annie Stillwater Gray

    Work of a Guardian Angel by Annie Stillwater Gray

    The subtle plane that has the most influence and is most important to understand is the realm of the Elementals, such as elves and faeries, because it is the one most closely tied to Earth.  Indeed, this planet would not be what she is and would not have such resiliency without the activity of the Elementals. I am privileged to have ties to this magical world.

                    My name is Darcimon Stillwater, Darci for short.   I am a Spirit Guide, also known as a Guardian Angel.  I have agreed to help my human charge, named Angel, in any way I am able.  Also, we Spirit Guides often assist elemental beings, especially when one is entering or leaving the earth plane.  This is part of the work of a Guardian Angel. The following is the continuing story of my relationship with Angel, and the true story of a remarkable elfin being and her mission.

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