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  1. Joys of A Guardian Angel by Annie Stillwater Gray

    Joys of A Guardian Angel by Annie Stillwater Gray

    It is time for humans to recognize and begin to understand what else is happening on Earth besides what we experience with our senses. Opening ourselves to the multitude of subtle layers of life enriches our human existence greatly.

                    —Annie Stillwater Gray

     What follows is a journey through a human lifetime. This person is my dear charge, my love, and the woman I watch over as her Guardian Angel. All told here is true and related from my perspective. I am Darcimon Stillwater, Spirit Guide to a soul named Angel, who is currently experiencing life as a human being. Because of our close relationship, I have been able to open her eyes, her mind, and her heart to the subtle levels of existence on planet Earth. Now, together, Angel and I will open them to you. We ask that you do not judge, but understand that all we describe does exist. In fact, far more than what we tell in this book is available, so we encourage you to take your own journey and discover the energetic beings around you. These beings will not only help you; they will also lift you up and bring you joy.

                    Elves and fairies are sometimes referred to as elementals, sometimes as nature spirits. Elves made an agreement long ago to relocate to Earth from another level to be tenders of nature. The fairies are their assistants and have a slightly different assignment. The term “elemental” means to represent one of the elements, which, in fact, the elves do, as do the fairies. They are guardians and caretakers of the elements, especially earth and water, though they have their hand in it all.

                    When exploring the subtle layers of Earth existence and reaching out to the elementals, you must approach these energetic beings with an open heart and mind. If you fear opening yourself, simply surround yourself with luminous golden protective light before you begin, and nothing will harm you. Using a sphere of light around you may make it easier for you to connect with the nature spirits that surround you every day. Some may even be our kin. The story follows.

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  2. The Power of Giving and Gratitude by Anthony DeNino

    The Power of Giving and Gratitude by Anthony DeNino

    This book will expand your mind and lay out plans that will help you to live a more meaningful, more powerful, and more impactful life. In the process of living this enhanced life, you will also help others do the same.  This book promises to help you have a closer relationship with your body, your mind, and your soul while bringing into your life a more meaningful relationship with God.  You’ve heard the old proverb, “It takes a village … ” -  right? Well, I’m happy to let you know that all it takes to have a lasting impact on the world is one person. You!

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