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Books to assist you to find the YOU you want to be!

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  1. Arcturian Energy Meditation CD

    Arcturian Energy Meditation - FREE Download

    Arcturian Energy Meditation by Sherri Cortland

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  2. Arcturian Energy Visualization CD

    Arcturian Energy Visualization - FREE Download

    Arcturian Energy Visualization by Sherri Cortland Learn More

  3. Don't Change the Channel by Blair Styra

    Don't Change the Channel by Blair Styra

    Don’t Change the Channel is a book about life on all levels of Mind, Body and Spirit.

    Blair Styra shares with you his journey in life as he develops not only his ability as a spiritual channel for Tabaash but his development as a human being in this challenging and adventurous time that we all live in.

    Tabaash presents his insightful teachings and assists us in expanding our ideas of who we are and what we can do with the choices that we have made in this life.

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  4. Embracing the Human Journey by Janie Wells

    Embracing the Human Journey by Janie Wells

              Do we create our soul's destiny with our own thoughts, fears and perception or are we prepared through these perceptions and thoughts for our soul's destiny?  While writing her first book, PAYMENT FOR PASSAGE, Janie learned that every instance of tragedy or loss has a beautiful, uplifting and heart opening trail if followed.  She is shown that after death our loved ones ascend to become extended arms of our creator to protect and guide us.

              EMBRACING THE HUMAN JOURNEY invites the reader to join an angel named Joann on an inward journey to their soul.  There are spiritual questions to answer, spiritual techniques to incorporate into your daily life and spiritual exercises.   Joann guides you every step of the way on a beautiful spiritual trail as she reveals the meaning of our earthly existence from an angel's heavenly perspective.   Following her heavenly footsteps on each page, you begin to embrace life with open arms and celebrate the human journey as you experience for yourself that love and truth always prevail. 

              Joann remains so committed to helping others and dedicated to the physical, spiritual and emotional healing process that even DEATH is not going to stop her!  Because of her closeness with her mother during her human lifetime  Janie is now able to become Joann's "vehicle" for delivering messages of healing to all of us. This is truly a masterpiece for Introspection and reflection.  It gives you a boost up your ladder of faith and opens your mind to heavenly possibilities.

              "I hope the book will be a kick start for anyone who needs to realize the importance of activity, both physically and spiritually.  I have an amazing daughter as an angel.  What is so profound to me is that what I tried to instill in her journey on earth has come full-circle back to me from a heavenly perspective." Janie Wells.

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  5. Feng Shui From the Inside, Out by Victoria Pendragon

    Feng Shui From the Inside, Out by Victoria Pendragon

    All the properly adjusted Feng Shui in the world is worthless if your personal vibration isn’t ready for what your improved environment can prepare you for. Feng Shui From the Inside, Out can help on both counts, teaching you to how to reprogram the emotional cellular consciousness of your body so that it can be in alignment with the energetically improved living space you will learn to create.


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  6. Healing the Wound of the Fall - Meditation CD

    Healing the Wound of the Fall- FREE Meditation Audio Download

    Free audio download: "Healing the Wound of the Fall" by Charmian Amarea Kumra Redwood.

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  7. Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom by James Nussbaumer

    Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom by James Nussbaumer

    At age fifty, removed from his high-pressured life as a financial advisor, beginning a ten year prison term for a foolish securities violation, James Nussbaumer had the time to absorb the complex lessons of A Course in Miracles. Revealing to him the nature of the prison in which virtually all us dwell, that of the dominance of the ego and belief in separation from the One Mind (God), a Voice or insistent thoughts told him what he needed to do.

              From there his first book, The Master of Everything, was born.  The present volume, Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom is its companion—a sequel.  Both are down-to-earth, accessible, illustrating his life and experiences behind prison walls. Readers will find an easy-to-follow path to healing of the separated mind: reaching illumination thus finding in your heart the free will that has been waiting for you, mastery accomplished.  Hence the title: Mastering Your Own Spiritual Freedom.

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  8. Owner's Manual for the Mind by Patrick Andries

    Owner's Manual for the Mind by Patrick Andries

         The idea for this book began with a single thought, “What if we were given an owner’s manual when we were born?”  Imagine what our lives might be like if we had received this guidance.  We have manuals for just about everything else.  An owner’s manual allows us to learn how to use something more effectively and to troubleshoot problems.

          The truth is that we have been given instructions on how to live a healthy and prosperous life.  This is the foundation of many great philosophies and religions. The problem that sometimes arises is that these teachings take on a certain twist that alienates people from it.  This has at times created as many problems as solutions

         There is a certain fascination in the incredible untapped potential of our minds. Some studies once suggested that we use only 10% of the capacity of our minds.  Today that estimate has been revised to about 2-3% of the power that lies within.  Imagine what more can be done with all of that as yet unrealized potential.  What is standing in our way?  How do we move into a more full realization of who we are?  These are the questions that we seek to answer in this book.

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  9. Payment for Passage by Janie Wells

    Payment for Passage by Janie Wells

    This profoundly moving book chronicles a mother's grief, the powerful ways in which she heals, and the growing realization that we are never separated from those we love. Even in death, our loved ones are present and exercise a power for good in lives.

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  10. Peaks and Valleys: Integrative Approaches for Recovering from Loss by Sherry L. O'Brian

    Peaks and Valleys: Integrative Approaches for Recovering from Loss by Sherry L. O'Brian

    Transform Your Pain into Possibility

    Many losses go unrecognized or are subtle. Some are life-changing. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, a relationship, or a job, the energy of grief often weighs heavily upon our hearts. These losses can accumulate and make it difficult for us to enjoy life. This book provides readers with powerful tools to transform and recover from any kind of loss and reawaken to the possibility of joy in their lives.

    Are you having difficulty moving forward after a significant loss? Are you searching for meaning and purpose in your life? Have you lost your sense of self or identity as a result of a significant loss?

    The powerful tools and techniques shared in this book will teach you how to:
    triumph over tragedy
    transform your pain
    mend a broken heart
    recover from trauma
    move forward

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