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Transformation Conference 2010 DVDs

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Paranormal Explorations







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Paranormal Explorations


JUSTINE ALESSI - "Tarot in the Modern World" Each person is represented by a card in the deck. Justine will go into the audience and do "significator" readings. Use the knowledge of the archetypes of the Court Cards to solve relationship conflict. Justine will share how her modern technique in the readings has affected people’s lives.

MICHAEL DENNIS - "Morning Coffee with God" There is a saying "watch what you ask for, you will get it." As a young boy, Michael Dennis began speaking to God, seeking answers, advice and help to get away from a "terrible," abusive home. One day God began communicating back. Michael Dennis' book, "Morning coffee with God," includes those profound, uplifting (there is humor, too) communications which helped heal and transform his life and he hopes the book will inspire you to God as well.

BLAIR STYRA - "Time with Tabaash" Blair will channel Tabaash to reveal new information on the coming changes!!

SHARRY EDWARDS - "Health for the People by THE PEOPLE" Sharry is known as being too esoteric by some; too scientific by others. During this presentation she is going to show you how to become a part of the Medicine of the Future as she reveals the hidden medicine of the past. Create dominion over your own health freedom, support your family, start a business using Vocal Profiling software that we provide to our Network members. Join us to find out how to become a Guardian of THE PEOPLE.

DANNION BRINKLEY - "Here and the Hereafter" Best selling author, Dannion Brinkley invites you to join him in the exploration of the celebration of life as he shatters the illusion of death. During three near death experiences, Dannion journeyed to the Heavens where he received instruction from thirteen Beings of Light. Within the great Crystal City of Light, he was shown the eternal secrets to the meaning of life, on both sides of the veil. Dannion will teach: * The Divine “mechanics of transition” from this world to the next * How life here will affect life in the Hereafter * The mastery of connecting with our Divine and personal destiny * Where the world is and where it is going in the next seven years * Strategies to successfully navigate through the major changes ahead.


NIKKI PATTILLO - "Star Children" Star children are children who have been sent here from all areas of the universe to help the Earth and the people on it. They possess psychic, spiritual and other extra sensory abilities. These children are here to bring peace, topple corrupt systems and shift dimensional consciousness. They have come here on special assignment in a rebirth into a higher dimensional Earth.

SHERRI CORTLAND - "Spiritual Growth and Evolution" With "Windows of Opportunity," Sherri has officially left the "New Age Closet!" During her talk, Sherri will show us how to become consciously aware of and learn to recognize the "relationship villains" and "windows of opportunity" that we personally built into our life plans so that we can cross items off our Spiritual "To Do" list for this lifetime faster and with less drama and pain. She will also discuss overcoming fear, the Shift and 2012, and our Atlantis Connection.

IRENE LUCAS - "5 Simple Steps to your Heart’s Desires" Does your heart desire intentional miracles, peace, abundance and joy? Now is the perfect moment to live the life your heart desires! Using 5 simple steps gifted from the Divine, you can connect to the Divine and the Universe and co-create miracles as easily as tuning into a radio or television channel. Let's have some fun! Ask your own questions, get your own answers, ask for and receive miracles from the Universe and the Divine. (Forget about the "middle man.")

TRICIA MCCANNON - "Jesus, The Great White Brotherhood and the Return of the Lords of Light" What is the Great White Brotherhood that has been spoken of in legend for thousands of years, and how are they connected with the Mysteries of our past, and the pivotal events of history facing us today as we approach the Gateway of 2012? How is this Order of Masters linked to the life of Jesus and the inspiration of mystics, philosophers, poets, and prophets for the last 5,000 years? What evidence is there that these Higher consciousness beings watch over the human race, and come again and again from Age to Age to change world consciousness? And will they be returning soon?


JAMES WAWRO - "Inspiration When You Need It" You were born with intuition - the power you need in any given moment to make the right choice, to solve a problem, to gain a creative insight, to tell right from wrong, or to simply make a wise decision with confidence. But, if you’re like most, you simply haven't tapped into it. "Ask Your Inner Voice" reveals the secrets to calling on your inner voice when you need answers to your most pressing questions, including questions of finance, relationships, and health.

MANDEEP KHERA - "Life’s Most Important Question" The human life is full of questions with a few answers. Is there a God? If there is a God, why does he kill innocent children? Why do some people survive against all odds while thousands others die? Why are there some people who are criminals and can kill without any compunction, while are good human beings? Why do we die and what happens to us when we die? Is there a heaven or hell? What are ghosts and why do they exist? How should we deal with sad events? Mandeep will cover these questions as well as the concepts of destiny, karma theory, life, death, parallel universe, and many others.

VITALY SAFAROV - "Above & Beyond of Within" This opens new horizons for those who Dare to Think Differently during these turbulent times of transition from a current state of Self to a natural state of Being. Vitaly will share what he feels is righteously Universal and how the synchronized events gifted him an ability to anchor multi-dimensional wisdom through the art of writing in tongues. This is an opportunity to experience Solid Grounds of the Fluctuating Reality from the Depth of Within.

DOLORES CANNON - "The Three Waves of Volunteers & The Coming New Earth" Discover how it all began. The creation of our World and the development of our species. Understand your role on Earth. Are you one of the Volunteers that came to help Earth with her transition?

If you would like to purchase any of the speaker's presentations individually, please call our office at 479-738-2348 or 800-935-0045 for pricing and ordering.

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